Customer Care

Titles: Apply the skills of customer care in a specific work environment Handle a range of customer complaints
Unit Standards: 119676 252210
Level 4
Credit 8
Duration 2 Days (including portfolio building)
Cost R2196.00 per person

Any organisation has to find ways of enhancing customer relations.  Communication is an essential skill all of us have to use to keep our customers happy. In modern businesses or organisations, a team approach is necessary to ensure best customer care.  Organisations have to find ways of presenting a united front to customers.

Who is the course aimed at?
Everyone who is working with internal as well as external customers in any organization or company.

Course content:

  • Explain the principles of impressive customer service.
  • Apply knowledge of personality styles to respond appropriately to a customer.
  • Gather and analyse information in order to provide customer service.
  • Current theories of customer service are researched in order to identify trends.
  • The implications of poor customer service are identified.
  • Background, industry, organization and product knowledge are applied to a situation to ensure a comprehensive response
  • The information is presented to the customer in the appropriate language, format and style.
  • Suggest innovative solutions to respond to queries and improve customer service.
  • Manage client relationships to retain customers.
  • Commit to solving the customer’s complaints.
  • Arrange correct planning and solutions to the customer’s problems.
  • Communicate with all stakeholders.


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